Team Spotlight: Zach Huang-Ogata

Zach Huang-Ogata, Sustainability Strategy Intern at Upright


Zach Huang-Ogata


Irvine, CA


Zach is a current first-year at the University of Pennsylvania studying economics and environmental studies. With a background combining environmental science and business, Zach is passionate about harnessing sustainable and socially conscious strategies to grow enterprises. On-campus, he is a part of multiple consulting groups where he has worked with clients ranging from multinational technology firms to environmental startups in the greater Philadelphia area.

Role at Upright:

Sustainability Strategy Intern

What he does at Upright

Zach is responsible for carrying out life cycle analyses and developing sustainability performance materials for Upright products.

Favorite oatmilk recipe:

Blueberry Banana Oatmilk Smoothie