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Oatmilk as nutritious as dairy 🥛 8g oat protein. 0 allergens. 3 delicious flavors.

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Cows could never

Upright is the first and only instant oatmilk as nutritious as dairy made with just oats and a blend of vitamins and minerals.

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Plant-based milk that packs a nutritious punch

Each creamy cup contains:

What's Inside (and What's NOT)

Our mission is to make delicious food that's better for people, and our planet

What people are saying

I am seriously so excited by your product as I become more and more obsessed with what I call climate-conscious foods. Such a fantastic idea.

Amy, CT

My husband and I throw away so much almond and oat milk that's gone bad because we just don't go through it quickly enough once opened. The packets are a game-changer, can't wait to buy them!

Courtney, CA

Raising a vegan baby. This would be an excellent product. Would love to make a latte out of this. Currently having plain black coffee and tea.

Parker, OH

I’ll definitely use it when traveling so I can always have a dairy-free alternative with me in places that are not vegan friendly.

Dan, CO

I love that you just have to add water. I'm a big shake person and I hate having to bring my almond milk with me- even if it's just a half gallon or a little bottle - we do a lot of camping, so this is great.

Raj, NY

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