Oatmilk, but better

High-protein instant oatmilk - just add water! 8g protein. No dairy, oils, or gums.

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What's Inside


Oat protein

per serving


Prebiotic fiber

per serving


Vitamins A, B12, and D

recommended daily value per serving



recommended daily value per serving

How To Use

1. Open sachet

2. Add water

3. Blend


Our mission is to make delicious food that's better for people, and our planet

What people are saying

My husband and I throw away so much almond and oat milk that's gone bad because we just don't go through it quickly enough once opened. The packets are a game-changer, can't wait to buy them!

Courtney, CA


Raising a vegan baby. This would be an excellent product. Would love to make a latte out of this. Currently having plain black coffee and tea.

Parker, OH


I’ll definitely use it when traveling so I can always have a dairy-free alternative with me in places that are not vegan friendly.

Dan, CO


I love that you just have to add water. I'm a big shake person and I hate having to bring my almond milk with me- even if it's just a half gallon or a little bottle - we do a lot of camping, so this is great.

Raj, NY