Jessie's Recipe: Strawberry Smoothie Bowl


It's strawberry season! 🍓 We're loving fresh berries in our smoothie bowls blended with Upright's high-protein instant oatmilk topped with a other berries and a little crunch (we like buckwheat for a gluten-free option but nuts, seeds, or granola also work great!). Learn how to make this at home by following Jessie along in the kitchen!

Serving size:

1 serving

What you'll need:



      1. Pour in the strawberries, sliced up banana, Vanilla Upright Instant Oatmilk, ice cubes, and water into a blender
      2. Blend for 30-45 seconds
      3. Pour smoothie into a cup or bowl
      4. Top it off with your favorite fruits and nuts
      5. Enjoy!


        We hope you enjoyed making this delicious strawberry smoothie bowl! Stay tuned for more recipes from Jessie!

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