Team Spotlight: Jessie the Giraffe

Upright's Jessie the Giraffe


Jessie the Giraffe


Cape Town, South Africa


Originally from Cape Town, South Africa, Jessie ventured alone across the Atlantic Ocean to her current home in Branford, CT in 2019. She is vegetarian and passionate about sharing her sustainable lifestyle with others. In her spare time, Jessie loves exploring her new home and hanging out with her best friend Perry the Penguin. Their favorite activity currently is rollerblading, and they hope to rollerblade across the United States one day.

Role at Upright:


What she does at Upright

Jessie is in charge of spreading good vibes at Upright and introducing us to delicious oatmilk recipes as the host of our new Recipe of the Week series!

Favorite oatmilk recipe:

Acacia leaves with a side of oatmilk!

Fun fact:

She loves oats so much that even some of the spots on her body are in the shape of oats!